Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Installing Windows XP on Sun Ultra 24

You might think installing Windows XP on a Ultra 24 is a piece of cheese cake. If your not prepared you might just end up eating your finger nails.

Here is how to do it.

1. Grab the latest software for it here
2. Copy the /utilities/XpReburn_x.x.zip to a folder on a Redhat, Suse or Solaris machine.
3. Unzip -q the package
4. Put your XP cd in your cd-rom drive
5. Run ./XpReburn
6. Burn the iso that is created to a clean cd
7. Enter the BIOS of the Ultra 24
8. Under advanced -> integrated something (You will see it) set the SATA controller to IDE, if it is set to RAID ot ACHI you will constantly get BSoD when you try to install.

And thats it.

Just install the nVidia and sound drivers afterwards and your done.

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The Handy Geek said...

I know this is getting dated now but we went to recover an U24 that wasn't booting we found the XP reburn CD does NOT have the Windows Recovery Console. Thats the option to go to repair mode "Press R" to get a command prompt where you can reinstall critical boot files.
Same issue just occurred with the X4150 Server and windows 2003. For the X4150 we were able to use nLite to reburn a Win2003 CD. However so far XP nlite CD on U24 just gets us to a blue screen of death. I'm probably not slipstreaming the correct Disk drivers.